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Andra stranden visas på SVT på långfredag, den 19 april och därefter på svtplay.

Andra stranden är uttagen i tävlan i Franklin Film Festival, US

The Karin Boye Project is one of 8 projects in the POWR Baltic Exchange progamme, Nov 2018.


Andra stranden (The Second Shore) to be screened in competition at Stockholm Film Festival 1 km film:

Stockholm Filmfestival


Dildoman to be screened at Alcine Film Festival in November 2018 in Spain:





Serietecknarna (2018)

(The Comic Artists)

A 59 min documentary about Swedish comic artists, and comics as art, with some of Sweden's most prominent comic artists. Participants: Bitte Andersson (image) Liv Strömquist, Gunnar Lundkvist, Nina Hemmingsson, Amalia ALvarez och Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom. Premiered in May 2018. Sisyfos Film Productions.


Andra stranden / The Second Shore (2018)

Close to death and close to life. What happens when the body undergoes a trauma and death approaches? Mona, Andreas and Iki tell their own stories of close encounters with their  mortality when they meet at a place far away in the subconscious. Sisyfos Film Productions

Still Born (2014)

An animated documentary about loosing a child before birth. Winner of the Guldbagge for best short film 2015, and the Golden Dove at DOK Leipzig 2014, Best Swedish Short at Uppsala Short Film Festival 2014 and Tempo New Doc 2014

Production: Sisyfos Film AB


Watch Still Born online at Folkets Bio

Go to Still Born's website.